Providers of safe, non-toxic, organic fertilizer, lawn care products and natural weed control. Services include fertilization, aeration, dethatching, over seeding, hydroseeding, fungus treatments, grub treatments, mole repellent, soil analysis, soil amendment and do-it-yourself plans.

All our products are safe for kids, pets and the environment!

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Think this is absurd?

Do You Do-It-Yourself?

Few things are so satisfying as working in the yard, then kicking back to admire your handy work. (We know - we do it for a living!) A good looking yard is a source of pride, provides a sense of completion, maintains the property value, and gives your family a safe place to be.

Nothing wrong with that! But there's a huge health risk associated with the irresponsible use of lawn chemicals. How many times have you ended up with itchy ankles after applying fertilizer to your yard? Or after golfing for an afternoon? Just like topical medicines, pesticides are absorbed through the skin!

Do You Follow the Label?

Do-it-yourselfers are at the highest risk for exposure to and damage from chemical lawn care products. Often products are labeled as safe, but only under certain conditions. Do-it-yourselfers tend to ignore label mixing rates and over apply, not fully understanding the power of the poison they are using. Worse, they fail to follow the noted clothing requirements or wait time before using the yard. How many times have you seen someone spraying pesticides or applying lawn products in shorts, barefoot, shirtless, and not wearing gloves? (Or how many times have you done so yourself?) Here are some documents you should read if you are currently using chemical products to maintain your lawn on your own:

Friends, There is a Better Way!

You have a choice in do-it-yourself lawn care. You can use our safe, non-toxic fertilizers and weed control products! We are happy to deliver them to your front door for a $5.00 per trip charge. To apply our products, you will need to do a little prep work. The links under Do-it-yourself in the navigation bar will help you.

  1. Determine your Treatable Area, then download our Excel spreadsheet that calculates how much product you will need. If you don't have Excel, contact us with your square footage and we will do the math for you.
  2. After you receive your delivery, calibrate your spreader.
  3. Since we will not be applying the products, you should review our expectations page so you know how to get the most out of the products.