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Organic Lawn Care - Organic, non-toxic, food grade lawn care products. Safe for children, pets and the environment.

Child's Play Organic Lawns services South Bend, Elkhart, Granger and Mishawaka, Indiana. We also work in Southwest Michigan. We specialize in organic fertilizers and lawn care programs. Organic lawns are maintained using natural, non-toxic lawn products wherever possible. Organic lawncare emphasizes fertilization and proper maintenance techniques to minimize weeds, fungus, and insect damage. Natural, organic lawn care leads to a yard that is safe for kids and pets. Organic fertilizers help protect our environment and promote ecological sustainability.

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Tips and Tricks

Salt Kills Dandelions: A teaspoon of rock or pickling salt, poured in a pile (not sprinkled), in the middle of a dandelion will kill it in 5 to 7 days. The Weed Hound® is the world's easiest AND most effective dandelion puller - pulls the dandelions, root and all, every time!

Spring is the best time to power rake: After a long, cold winter the dead blades of grass are matted and can lead to snow mold. Power raking lifts all the dead blades and roots off the soil surface and lets things dry out. Thatch buildup is reduced and thick, healthy blade development is promoted.

Fall is the best time to fertilize: In the fall turf grass is storing food to last the long winter. A good feeding using natural, long-lasting Child's Play organic fertilizers will keep your lawn well satisfied through the winter, and ready to wake up in the spring healthy and green! Fall is also the best time to core aerate and over seed your lawn. Aerating a lawn will relieve compaction, and allow water and nutrients to get right to the roots of your grass. Aerating is also a great way to prepare the soil for over seeding with high quality Child's Play Premium Grass Seed. In the fall there is less competition from weeds, and the new grass will have much stronger roots by the time next summer rolls around.

Vinegar Kills Weeds: In a hand sprayer, mix up 2-3 tablespoons of dish soap with vinegar (any kind will do). Spray it on weeds during a bright, hot, sunny day and watch them wilt. If they recover, apply again. After 2-3 treatments the root should die off. This is a great way to maintain landscape areas! For spot treating weeds in your yard cut the ends off a 2 liter soda bottle and use the cylinder as a shield to keep overspray off the grass.