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Organic Lawn Care - Organic, non-toxic, food grade lawn care products. Safe for children, pets and the environment.

Child's Play Organic Lawns services South Bend, Elkhart, Granger and Mishawaka, Indiana. We also work in Southwest Michigan. We specialize in organic fertilizers and lawn care programs. Organic lawns are maintained using natural, non-toxic lawn products wherever possible. Organic lawncare emphasizes fertilization and proper maintenance techniques to minimize weeds, fungus, and insect damage. Natural, organic lawn care leads to a yard that is safe for kids and pets. Organic fertilizers help protect our environment and promote ecological sustainability.

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Office hours: M-F 8-5, Weekends by appointment. Voice mail is checked routinely.
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Turf Management

Maintaining a healthy yard means being able to identify and correct various problems. This portion of our site is dedicated to helping you learn about turf management techniques and how they affect the lawn. Please make selections from the categories below:

7 Simple Steps

Maintaining the most attractive home lawn in the neighborhood takes time and effort. However, if your goal is an attractive looking, healthy lawn with a minimal amount of effort, it can be accomplished using some simple steps. Download this .pdf for more information...

Complete Turf Care

This publication is written for lawn care professionals, golf course superintendents, or anyone with a lawn. Its emphasis is on soil management and cultural practices that enhance turf growth and reduce pests and diseases by reducing turf stress. Download this .pdf for more information...

Shade Lawn Maintenance

Shade trees are an important and prominent feature in most lawnscapes. Though trees provide cooling for us and our homes, trees are very competitive with turf, causing turfgrasses to decline in shade. Download this .pdf for more information...

Sand Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining an attractive lawn on sandy soils depends largely on the turfgrass species selected. Species that have improved drought tolerance include tall fescue and some cultivars of Kentucky bluegrass. Download this .pdf for more information...

Going Organic - Ohio State

More people are asking for information regarding organic lawn care. Many people want to decrease or eliminate the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in their home lawns. Download this .pdf for more information...

Sustainable Turf Care

Sustainable development marries two important themes: that environmental protection does not preclude economic development and that economic development must be ecologically viable now and in the long run. Download the EPA's guide to sustainable lawncare...

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