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All our products are safe for kids, pets and the environment!

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Soil Analysis and Correction

It is impossible to have healthy grass if the soil is not amenable to grass growth. Think of an aquarium. When people observe a well maintained fish tank, they often comment on the beauty or color of the fish. When was the last time someone said, "My, what healthy water!" Healthy aquatic life is the result of proper water chemistry. Your lawn is no different: good color and dense turf are symptomatic of healthy dirt.

One of our services is soil analysis. We send a sample of your soil off to a lab, where it is compared to ideal growing conditions. Soil chemistry like pH, salt content, potassium levels, etc. are evaluated.

If corrections are necessary, we can make amendments with applications of lime, gypsum, or by adjusting your fertilizing program to boost available nutrients.

The cost of a soil analysis is $42.35 w/tax; pricing of the amendments is based upon the square footage of your lawn. If you have a soil analysis performed, and agree to have the prescribed amendments applied, we will rebate the $42.35!

Relative Soil Test Value
Very High


Very Low
P K Mg Ca S Na pH

The analysis is provided in color with easy to read and understand interpretations of the data. It is performed by an independent testing laboratory, whose name is provided on the results for your verification, if desired.