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Organic Lawn Care - Organic, non-toxic, food grade lawn care products. Safe for children, pets and the environment.

Child's Play Organic Lawns services South Bend, Elkhart, Granger and Mishawaka, Indiana. We also work in Southwest Michigan. We specialize in organic fertilizers and lawn care programs. Organic lawns are maintained using natural, non-toxic lawn products wherever possible. Organic lawncare emphasizes fertilization and proper maintenance techniques to minimize weeds, fungus, and insect damage. Natural, organic lawn care leads to a yard that is safe for kids and pets. Organic fertilizers help protect our environment and promote ecological sustainability.

12871 Industrial Park Drive, #16 • Granger, IN 46530 • 574.277.LAWN

Office hours: M-F 8-5, Weekends by appointment. Voice mail is checked routinely.
Please call ahead if you want to pick up products.

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