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Organic Lawn Care - Organic, non-toxic, food grade lawn care products. Safe for children, pets and the environment.

Child's Play Organic Lawns services South Bend, Elkhart, Granger and Mishawaka, Indiana. We also work in Southwest Michigan. We specialize in organic fertilizers and lawn care programs. Organic lawns are maintained using natural, non-toxic lawn products wherever possible. Organic lawncare emphasizes fertilization and proper maintenance techniques to minimize weeds, fungus, and insect damage. Natural, organic lawn care leads to a yard that is safe for kids and pets. Organic fertilizers help protect our environment and promote ecological sustainability.

12871 Industrial Park Drive, #16 • Granger, IN 46530 • 574.277.LAWN

Office hours: M-F 8-5, Weekends by appointment. Voice mail is checked routinely.
Please call ahead if you want to pick up products.

Help Wanted

We run a seasonal work staff. Following are positions we typically hire. If you are interested in applying, please download and complete a job application from one of the links below.

Position: Part Time Sales Staff

Sales Staff are responsible for meeting with potential customers to consult on organic lawn care, evaluate lawns and present Child's Play recommendations and pricing. These positions are part time; work can be performed evenings, weekends, days etc., so long as inquiries are responded to within 2 days. Sales Staff are needed Spring through early Summer. Training is provided.


  • Reliable transportation.
  • Telephone and e-mail access.
  • Basic computer skills, particularly Microsoft Excel. Ownership of laptop is ideal.
  • Ability to do basic math and geometry (e.g. calculate area of shapes, add, subtract, multiply, divide.)
  • Ability to understand and explain abstract concepts.
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.
  • Prior lawn care experience/knowledge is ideal.

Responsibilities, Duties and Obligations

  • Retrieve quote inquiries and materials from Office Manager/General Manager on an agreed upon basis.
  • Make contact with the interested party and schedule an appointment if desired.
  • Measure and evaluate the lawn, generate estimate and present.
  • If a decision is not made, follow up as instructed by General Manager.
  • Keep Office Manager informed on progress/completion of assigned quotes.


  • % of sales made; to be discussed in interview.
  • Mileage/cell phone reimbursement.

Position: Applicator

Applicators are responsible for delivering and applying Child's Play lawn products for customers. Applicators are responsible for loading vehicles, driving to lawns, performing applications, keeping basic records and general maintenance on equipment. Applicators are knowledgeable of product application rates and are able to apply them consistently. They also may be required to perform sales and consult with customers if approached. Applicators are primarily answerable to the General Manager.


  • Current, valid driver's license and clean driving record.
  • Minimum 16 years old.
  • Experience in lawncare and/or landscaping preferred; RT or IN 3b/MI3a certification is ideal. Knowledge of push spreaders and hydraulic spray rigs is preferred.
  • Ability to read and follow written directions.
  • Ability to perform basic math (add, subtract, multiply, divide).
  • Reliable transportation to and from The company’s warehouse.
  • Ability to lift and carry 50 lbs. repeatedly and walk moderate to long distances over terrain. Ability to drive a fork lift preferred.
  • Capacity and willingness to work outside regardless of inclement weather.
  • Basic sales and computer skills; specifically Microsoft Excel. Comfort talking to customers when necessary.

Responsibilities, Duties and Obligations

  • Evaluate routes and load required amounts of product into vehicles.
  • Follow written directions to customers' houses and evaluate property barriers.
  • Accurately apply specified amounts of fertilizer and/or pest control products, observing and noting any obvious problems or diseases.
  • Perform other various lawn care tasks, such as manual weeding.
  • Perform routine basic maintenance on vehicles/equipment, such as oil changes.
  • Unload shipments of fertilizer.
  • Keep warehouse and vehicles clean and organized.
  • Perform a minimum number of square feet of applications per day, to be discussed in interview.


  • Between $7.00 and $12.00 per hour, depending upon prior experience and sales ability.
  • 7 days of PTO. It is understood that this time, if used for vacation, should not interfere with responsibilities during critical seasonal times such as March-June and September-October.
  • Overtime will be paid for hours in excess of 40 per week. Overtime must be approved by General Manager.
  • Products for treating your personal home lawn at cost.
  • Expense reimbursement for company use of personal property.

Position: Office Manager or Clerical Assistant

The Office Manager is the keeper of our intellectual properties. The accurate entry, storage and processing of customer data is crucial to proper product application, efficient scheduling and quality customer service. The Office Manager supervises office activities, schedules applications, receives and responds to customer inquiries, maintains "the books", maintains customer records and assists the General Manager in running the office. The Office Manager follows protocols laid out in the Policies and Procedures manual, but has latitude to "find a better way" and make recommendations to the General Manager.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent; clerical and/or prior office/managerial experience preferred.
  • Ability to do basic math (add, subtract, multiply, divide).
  • Reliable transportation to and from The company’s office/warehouse.
  • Ability to speak clearly and politely on the phone.
  • Must possess and demonstrate basic computer skills, including:
  • Launching applications.
  • Cut, copy and paste.
  • Create new documents, open existing documents.
  • Use contextual menus and commands from drop down menus.
  • Receive e-mail and perform internet based research.
  • Fluency with Microsoft Office applications.
  • Training will be provided on specific tasks in QuickBooks (when required) and industry specific applications like.
  • Strong organizational and prioritization skills.

Responsibilities, Duties and Obligations

  • Ensure Applicators are aware of any and all special circumstances that may require additional materials to complete the day.
  • Receive inbound requests for information from potential and repeat customers, evaluate the best staff member to respond and route the request in a timely manner.
  • Assist working the booth at trade shows.
  • Prepare routes and maintain electronic schedules.
  • Retrieve mail, answer phone calls, check e-mail, etc.
  • Maintain complete and accurate paper/electronic files on customers, including, but not limited to: contract entry, estimate tracking, billing and collections.
  • Process payroll.
  • Prepare and/or pay taxes at General Manager's discretion.
  • Coordinate with sub-contractors and vendors; place orders for products, receive invoices, pay invoices as directed and keep accurate records of such transactions.


  • Between $7.00 and $9.00 per hour, depending upon skills and prior experience.
  • 7 days of PTO. If this time is used for vacation it is understood that this time should not interfere with responsibilities during critical seasonal times such as March-April and September-October.
  • Overtime is paid for hours beyond 40 per week. Overtime must be approved by the General Manager.
  • Products for treating your personal home lawn at cost.
  • Reimbursement for company use of personal materials.