Providers of safe, non-toxic, organic fertilizer, lawn care products and natural weed control. Services include fertilization, aeration, dethatching, over seeding, hydroseeding, fungus treatments, grub treatments, mole repellent, soil analysis, soil amendment and do-it-yourself plans.

All our products are safe for kids, pets and the environment!

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We Approach Organic Lawn Care As A Process, Not A Product

Other lawn care companies offer organic fertilizers but will still use toxic pesticides on your lawn when weeds or disease appear. We dig deeper than that. We work with lawns to get to the root cause of weeds and disease. We educate customers on watering and mowing habits. Our fertilizers are slow release and rejuvenate soil. We emphasize soil correction and thatch management. For a quick comparison of organic to chemical lawn care, see this chart.

We provide safety and peace of mind. You won’t “worry” after our lawn applications. The yard is safe to use immediately when we’re done. We use all food grade ingredients to make our fertilizers and weed control. They are proprietary formulations built specifically for the soil types in our service area. They are superior to chemical fertilizers because they:

  • are safe for use around children and pets.

  • are environmentally responsible - they do not promote algae blooms or harm aquatic life.

  • will not burn the grass if overapplied or spilled.

  • last 2-3 times longer than chemicals to produce a long lasting, lush green color.

  • are competitively priced and available for delivery.

  • are proven to be effective.

  • use all food grade ingredients, which contain hundreds of micronutrients and trace minerals essential for strong, disease resistant turf health and vigor.

  • do not contain toxic dilutants, carrier agents, human or animal waste.

  • require no special protective clothing to apply.

Weed and pest control are achieved over time by building a strong, healthy, tall stand of turf with thick, dense roots. Please click here for a thorough discussion on weed and pest control.

We've Had Negative Experiences With Pesticides

Child’s Play Organic Lawns was started in February of 2001, but the idea for Child’s Play was spawned more than 16 years earlier. Lori Fritts (co-owner with her husband Craig) was poisoned in 1984 by pesticides that were regularly used in Craig and Lori’s apartment for bugs. Ever since that time Lori has been unable to tolerate any exposure to synthetic pesticides. Even small amounts cause symptoms similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis, which has forced them to live in areas that are not susceptible to pesticide use. This eliminated their ability to live in close knit neighborhoods, areas near golf courses, and areas around farms. The name “Child’s Play Organic Lawns” came from their desire to create a beautiful outdoor environment that was safe for their children and pets, and environmentally responsible.

In 2005, Brian came on board as General Manager. The year prior he was like most homeowners: he dutifully applied chemical 4 step programs (with complete disregard for the safety label) and used diazinon and malathion for insect control. One day, after saturating the yard, he heard a yelp and turned to see his dog in what appeared to be epileptic seizures. After 30 minutes of spasms, he realized the dog had been poisoned by the neurotoxicants he just applied.

So you see, when you work with Child’s Play, you’re working with people who have been negatively affected by lawn pesticides. To us, it’s personal.